What is Reishi?

What is Reishi and what exactly are Reishi mushrooms?

The Reishi is a mushroom and one of the most widely used medicinal and medicinal mushrooms used in Asia, in countries such as China, Korea and Japan. Reishi, which is the Japanese name for the mushroom, comes across your most important in the medical literature of the Internet under the Latin name Ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi / Ling Zhi which is the Chinese name for the mushroom. In Dutch we know the mushroom as the stemmed lacquer fungus.

Mushrooms such as Reishi are highly regarded in Asian medicine, as they have medicinal properties in a number of diseases. Unfortunately, because they were very unusual, they have not been available to many for over centuries. They were relatively rare in nature and were not yet performed at that time. This has changed a lot over the years, by means of highly improved methods. the toads are grown successively in countries under very controlled conditions, such as in special tunnel greenhouses nowadays. Growing in these greenhouses provides an excellent mushroom, which is then sufficiently available.

What this mushroom is mainly known for are the enormous positive effects it has, such as increasing the resistance and many positive effects on our immune system. The Reishi mushroom improves the condition, it is often also used with, for example, people who have had irradiation of this reed.

In Asia, the mushrooms have been used for centuries, because the mushrooms contribute to a long and healthy life and because they help against almost diseases. The Reishi mushroom has therefore been held in high regard in Asian countries for a long time. Because the mushrooms are very tough and can develop bitter flavors, but in order not to arise like this, they can act and be conceived in other products of food. In addition to the fact that the mushroom also has medicinal properties, the mushroom effects, youthful strength and on the right the vitality, but in addition to these properties, specific medicinal effects are also mentioned

What is Reishi?

How does the Reishi mushroom work and what does it do?
When ingesting the Reishi mushrooms, the various effects can be seen, such as the effect as a blood pressure lowering, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition, Reishi also has a very important positive effect on the cells of the immune system (immune system). In addition to all this, the reishi mushroom also has an adaptogenic effect, which means that the mushroom helps the body and mind to better cope with stressful situations. The mushroom contains certain substances that belong, among other things, to the polysaccharides and triterpenes. With some editing, the work of the reishi mushroom is still being researched and new work often arises in the medical literature.

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