What is microdosing?

Microdosing involves taking a tiny dose of a psychedelic substance, usually 5-10% of a regular dose, with the intention of increasing your quality of life. With microdosing you will not experience a classic psychedelic trip, including visual disturbances where these are sometimes referred to as “sub-perceptual” effects. Microdosing gives the best results when done over a period of time and you follow a dosing schedule, or protocol. The effects and results of a microdosing cycle depend very much on the person, the substance, the abilities and a range of other personal consequences, expectations and mindset.

The subtle effects of microdosing are often mentioned:

  • more energy
  • More creativity
  • clearer thinking,
  • Increased problem-solving ability
  • Increased focus
  • Heightened Awareness
  • positive mood
  • Emotional bond with people around you
  • Be more present

what is microdosing?

Microdosing: Powerful substances in small amounts wit a mushroom grow kit
Psychedelic means “that which makes the mind visible”. Psychologists and psychiatrists believe that the drugs in the fifties and signs (especially LSD, psilocybin) move the unconscious parts of the mind to the conscious. In this way, for example, people could see and process positive feelings and memories. What all psychedelics have in common is that at high doses they have a classic trip experience. They are all non-delivery and especially with microdosing, they pose hardly any risks in healthy people.

Positive experiences with microdosing

To date, a lot of scientific research is still needed to understand the effect of psychedelics and microdosing in particular. Although initially that microdosing is nothing more than a placebo effect, a large amount of evidence clearly shows that microdosing leads to mental and transformation. dr. James Fadiman, an American transpersonal psychologist, has been collecting reports from people around the world since 2010 that paint a blatant picture of positive experiences.

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