How do you prevent ticket scams?

You really want to go to a festival, but it turns out to be sold out. What are you doing? Buying a ticket on the second-hand ticket market. For example via social media, Marktplaats or Ticketswap. Unfortunately, it often happens that ‘someone who no longer goes to the festival’ is a scammer and sells you a fake ticket or no ticket at all.

Check the Facebook page (of the seller)

Every day, the police receive reports of ticket fraud, of people who can whistle for their concert ticket or festival ticket and for their money. Note the timing on a Facebook account and look at the number of friends and likes. Tickets are often offered second-hand on social media, such as Facebook. On Facebook you can adjust when a Facebook account is created. If there is a clock next to a message, hover over it with your mouse. This way you can see when the message was actually posted. If you do see photos but few “likes” or friends count, think carefully about whether this person can be trusted.

Check out other event pages

Does the seller also offer tickets on other event pages? Tickets for a sold-out event are often sold quickly. If posts from a seller persist on multiple event pages, it could be suspicious. This way the scammer can collect as much money as possible.

Go to Here you can drag and drop photos, enter them via URL, or upload them from your computer. Does the photo come up with a different name? Then you know it’s a scammer.

Check whether anything is already known about the data of the provider
There are many websites that expose scammers. Photos, account numbers, names, phone numbers; everything is put online to warn against scammers. Before you make a purchase, do research

Check Ticketswap to find the best tickets safely. Or check this website

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