A green roof?

Do you want to install a green roof? Then this is a good opportunity to make your environment climate-proof. Plants grow on a green roof, which is good for your home and the environment. It is good for your house because it lasts longer than a normal roof and it keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is good for the environment because it improves air quality and ensures that rainwater runoff is gradual. In addition, several important animal species are attracted to the plants. You can easily combine a green roof with solar panels.

Advantages of a green roof:

  • Keeps your house/shed/garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Good for the life of a flat roof.
  • Provides cooling outside in hot summers.
  • Provides cleaner air.
  • Absorbs rainwater and prevents flooding.
  • Increases biodiversity (the variation in types of animals and plants) and that in turn ensures more insects, which in turn is food for birds and bats.
  • Green is good for the well-being and health of people and it is nicer to look out on green roofs than on dull, gray roofs.

How does the subsidy work?
You can apply for a subsidy for a green roof as a resident, company or institution. For the application you need a quote from a landscape gardener or roof specialist.

The subsidy from the municipality of Assen amounts to € 20 per square meter of installed green roof, including VAT. If you live in the management area of ​​the Hunze en Aa’s water board, you can receive an extra € 5 per m2 on the construction of a green roof. You can indicate this on the application form


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